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"Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here!" - Albus Dumbledore

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Welcome to musicyardsale! After being admitted to this friends-only community, you will be introduced to music of all kinds. For more information, see this post once your membership request has been accepted.
P O S T E R S :

apianogirl → Charlotte is an insomniac college student who is unsure exactly where to call home. She never goes anywhere without her trusty iPod Arthur and procrastinates much of her time away seeking out good things to eat, to listen to, to laugh at, and to ponder upon. She also enjoys using smiley faces excessively. :)
aragons → Isobel bakes a damn fine lemon cake, has more than one empty gin bottle in her bathroom, and owns enough books to build a small castle. She fervently believes that had she been born in 1945, everything about her would make sense.
blankspectrum → Lily is a starving artist and perpetual insomniac who treats her iPod like a part of her body. Besides being obsessed with music and art, she loves tea, just about anything with sugar, her cat, and other people's dogs.
builtofsorrow → Nelle spent most of her childhood pretending to be Amish. Now she refers to her MacBook as her girlfriend, tries not to let on that she's addicted to the internet, and may as well have her iPod fused to her hand. In her spare time, she drinks too much coffee, discusses scifi & superheroes with whomever she can coerce into conversation, wanders around NYC, and pretends to be competent in the study of law. She's impatiently waiting for Science to create a way for her to listen to multiple songs at once, but she'll settle for teleportation.
cherise → Pauline is happiest curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. She swoons over pretty colours, nice cameras, and Doctor Who, and has a weakness for all things Corean. She listens to music like it's oxygen (which it is, you know).
cloverdew → SaraKate is a twentysomething who should have been a fairy princess, is never without headphones at work, and believes tea accompanied by pie and cake will cure all ailments.
dory_the_fishie → Leanne lives at the still point of the turning world, where she indulges in all-day television marathons, various spy-like activities, and inordinate tea consumption. She also believes in the respective magical qualities of Harry Potter, football, and music.
dream_mancer → Laura is a true southern girl who loves iced tea, blasting music wherever there are speakers, writing with friends, and has an unhealthy relationship with jewelry.
faeriemaiden → Jo dares disturb the universe. She likes stories, and magic, and cities, and music festivals, and listening to music in interesting places (the roof, a thunderstorm, under the stars). She grew up with folk music, and sang murder ballads in the bath as a very small child. She may in fact still do this.
hiroyuki → Lorelei is a 22-year-old robot and aficionado of jazz music, anything composed by Mozart, and pretty Asian boys. She's still trying to reconcile the three.
insaneboingo → Carina is an old soul in the guise of a 26-year-old girl. She spends all of her free time reading, singing, and trying to discover fantastic music. A part-time gamer and full-time nerd, she also loves to cook. Autumn is her favourite because the air smells like cinnamon and pumpkin bread.
jacyevans → Andrea is a 25-year-old who loves the ocean, New York, and Jimmy Eat World. She has an unhealthy obsession with books and music. Just ask her bank account.
jenny_b09 → Jennifer is a indie pop junkie from Aussieland. She has an unhealthy obsession with chocolate, likes to sing and dance when nobody is watching, and above all, she believes in love and music.
lady_moriel → Kyra is an English grad student (and teaching assistant, which means teaching freshmen, which means weird things for her natural introversion and dislike of public speaking) in Alaska who loves to read and write but doesn't do either often enough. She does sing pretty incessantly, though.
minolta → Sophia is a 22-year-old child who fancies medium-format photography, comic books, and Lee Pace. She has two extra harddrives to fuel her music obsession. She lives in a cave and is neighbors with a dragon.
msqu → Mar believes she should've been British. Her passions are music, Lost, travel, and writing. Her hobby is indulging her inner child with kites, ribbons, and happy colors. She gets quite grumpy when she goes through music withdrawal.
ohstarling → Abigail is a 25-year-old who loses herself in stories, hot showers, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and good music (of course).
orangeaid → Justine's only pleasure when driving is blasting music with windows down. Windows rolled up only means a karaoke jam is in session. If you see her behind you in a traffic jam, do not panic: there is no fire, just dancing.
rose → Kay likes to complain. She lives for the little moans and groans in life, and is currently pursuing a career in the field of whinging. Springsteen is her soother.
strzyga → Risen is a 24-year-old member of the species homo sapiens sapiens vaguely resembling something called a female. She spends a great deal of time doing as little as she physically can in as great a time as possible. Her goal in life is to reach self-actualization through excessive fandom-porn and livejournal-lurking.
t_quibbler → An autodidact in almost everything she does, Nell works as a graphic designer and plays as a writer, baker, actress, and roleplayer. She would like to spend her next life as a pampered housecat in a house full of sunbeams, please.